Next "Steam-up Day" is this coming Sunday, 8th October. Look forward to seeing you all there!


Thursday Clubday was pretty much rained off, but it did afford opportunity to see Terry Morgan's lovely Class 59 in Gauge 1. All his own work, with a bit of help from a Prusa Mk3 - some fine design and printing, coupled to Fosworks sound and radio - lovely!

Terry Morgan's fine Class 59


It's Wednesday, so it must be off to the moulders and casters day!

My Class 37 on it's way :)


I'm picking up these magazines from the club on Thursday this week. Sorry for any inconvenience due to my inability to visit the site before now to pick them up! Apologies!  Ian A.


Message from David Cooper. 06/07/2022.

I am having  to downsize at home and have 13 years of Engineering in Miniature magazines all in folders and a few model engineering books.
Rather than take them to the Charity Shop I was wondering if your Society would like them and make proper use of them I could pop them up to the Showground on Thursday night if anybody would like to take them off me.

Kind regards,

David Cooper

Xmas steam up 2019, pics from the day